Adopt A Baby

Adopt A Baby

Learn How to Avoid Common Adoption Pitfalls

Waiting to AdoptIn the state of Idaho, most couples should be able to complete an adoption in under two years, however many fall prey to the common pitfalls that slow the adoption process or even put their adoption in legal jeopardy. Just as with any new endeavor, it is vital that you learn the basics before you spend valuable time and hard-earned money toward your adoption.

Many families have found themselves led down a road of dreams, only to be abandoned, without the resources to take another try at adoption, and heartbroken over the realization that parenthood may never happen. Tom and Nancy were one of these families…

Tom and Nancy were a couple in their early forties, who had been trying to conceive for four years. Due to their age and unexplained infertility, their specialist finally encouraged them to pursue adoption.

They went home, opened their yellow pages, and called the first adoption referral listed. This agency was very helpful with the home study, something required in Idaho and all other states, and answered all the questions the couple had. In fact, they were so kind and professional, Tom and Nancy never thought to consider that they should ask for references or research other professionals.

As the waiting process began, Tom and Nancy were patient, knowing their baby would come. But when four years had passed with little activity, they knew they had made a mistake, costing them money, and precious, precious time.

Face it, most of us don’t begin the adoption process because we want to — it is a miraculous blessing born out of desperate need. It is this desperate need that unscrupulous people will take advantage of.

Many families find themselves learning about adoption after they have already wasted valuable time and money on bad adoption plans, scams, and frauds. Armed with some very basic knowledge, you will have a huge advantage over other adoptive families and you will complete your adoption far sooner.


The three books shown here, Called to Adoption, Adoption: Your Step By Step Guide, and Adopting Online answer all your adoption questions. They contain the roadmap, the advice, the resources and the working knowledge you need to find the baby of your dreams!

Here are the top three adoption pitfalls:

1. If it sounds too good to be true, it is!Adoptive Father with Son

The reality is, you have to trust someone when it comes to your adoption. How do you determine if someone is worthy of your trust? Beware of anyone who promises something that simply sounds too perfect. This may mean an extremely low cost, very short wait time, or especially a multiple birth. This is your adoption. You are putting your family into a position of trusting another individual and you need to know that you’ve done all you can to protect your investment of time, money, and emotion.

2. Don’t give money to anyone without verifying their legitimacy.

Never give anyone money without knowing more about who you are dealing with. Not only can you end up losing the money, you may be putting yourself at legal risk. Consult with your attorney or adoption professional before paying any pregnancy or living expenses.

3. Research all adoption professionals you choose to work with.

Some adoption professionals may make promises that seem way out of line with others you’ve spoken with. Research any adoption professional before signing any agreement. Ask for references, contact the local Better Business Bureau, and read any contracts thoroughly. Don’t be shy about asking to speak with past clients.